Parallel parking in Lake Forest is an especially important skill to have. Drivers may not use this technique very often in Lake Forest. However, there are plenty of opportunities to put that skill to the test and to become a pro parallel parker.

Parallel parking in Lake Forest and in every part of the country is an important driving skill to learn as part of driver training.

Why is Parallel Parking so Hard

Parallel parking in Lake Forest and in every part of the country is an important driving skill to learn as part of every student’s driver training. Parallel parking has a reputation for being an exceedingly difficult driving technique. However, the good news is that it isn’t. Instead, many drivers don’t have enough practice parallel parking and are unfamiliar with the size of their cars. That last one seems a bit odd, who doesn’t know the size of their car? They see it daily. But knowing the size of the car while inside is an entirely different thing. Then there are the pressures of parallel parking. Drivers need to block an entire lane for a few seconds and ensure they don’t hit the car in front or behind them. These things create a stressful environment for most. But there is only one way to get it done, practice.

Parallel Parking in Lake Forest a Blue Car Parked Along a Curb

Parallel Parking in Lake Forest

Lake Forest is a small city in Orange County, which means there aren’t many opportunities to parallel park. Drivers may come across open spots like this in suburbs more often than anywhere else. That removes a lot of the stress from parallel parking since you won’t be holding up traffic. That also means that you can take your time parallel parking in the suburbs. Ultimately, parallel parking in Lake Forest is a fantastic way to practice your parking skills for when you head out into the world.

Finding a Spot

Size is another issue for people when it comes to parallel parking. There are times when people think their car will fit in a spot, only to find out it won’t. You should practice with the same car that you drive daily to ensure you get the size aspect down. The goal is to always parallel park in a spot that is one and a half times the length of your car, especially for inexperienced drivers. This size will shrink as you get better at parallel parking in Lake Forest. But it is a safe size to ensure that your spot is safe.

Parallel Parking in Lake Forest Photo of a Street with Cars Parked Along the Curb on Either Side

Safety First

Defensive driving is a noticeably big part of Varsity Driving School’s training. In fact, defensive driving is the best way to remain as safe as possible while driving and parking. The question is, how can you employ defensive driving techniques to parallel parking? The first step is to slowly come to a stop next to the parking spot you want and put on your right-hand turn signal. This will alert any drivers behind you what you intend to do. It is important that you pull up next to the spot so the other driver can put together what it is you’re about to complete and properly respond.

Parallel Parking in Lake Forest Tips

You will want to complete the above step first, and then gently pull forward until the middle of your car is lined up with the bumper of the car you plan to park behind. However, before you start reversing, check your mirrors twice to ensure you have space behind you to reverse. You can then start reversing and sharply turn the wheel, so the back of your car is headed toward the curb. Continue reversing until you can see both headlights of the car you will be parking in front of in your driver side mirror. That is when you will want to start straightening out your car. Turn the wheel back the other way until you are lined up right where you want to be. This will allow any cars behind you to begin advancing again and you can then drive back and forth to straighten and align the car with the curb. It is that simple to parallel park in Lake Forest.