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What Varsity Driving School Students Say…

Ready to choose the BEST driving school in Irvine and Orange County, California? Read some comments from students that have passed their driving lessons with us.

No words can express how satisfied I am with this professional driving school. First of all their lesson rates are affordable! We bought 10 hours (5 lessons broken up to 2 hours each) since I thought I wasn’t able to practice much with my parent’s car. The scheduling was a little far but it was worth the wait considering it’s a pretty big school. When the day came to drive with the instructor’s car for the first time, he taught me how to adjust the seats, mirrors, etc. He took me straight to the road after all the sitting and explanations and I was scared to go on the road. I was extremely scared especially when I couldn’t see quick enough at a 4 way stop who had the right of way and he told me to go since it was my turn. After all, you can’t really go wrong with trusting your instructors since they were examined thoroughly before becoming a licensed teacher. From there on to the next lessons, I became more and more confident/immune to driving in more difficult situations thanks to these instructors! Overall, this service is very professional! Every instructor I had for every lesson was knowledgeable and very friendly! They take the time to explain to you the strategies and techniques thoroughly so that you make the safest driver out of yourself. I recommend this school 9.5/10! This is probably the first driving school choice in Orange County you should consider! Thank you to all instructors and staffs including Vanessa, Bill, Kam, Anthony, and Michelle for your excellent service!

– Jason, Yelp

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