Learning how to drive is not just for teens. There are new drivers of any age above 15 1/2, and driving lessons aren’t just for new drivers. That means finding a quality driving school is important to many. Varsity Driving School is where you will find the best driving lessons in Mission Viejo.

Varsity Driving School is where students will find the best driving lessons in Mission Viejo, covering everything from the basics to defensive driving.

Best Driving Lessons in Mission Viejo

Teens are searching for driving lessons to help them get a license for the first time; some adults are in the same boat. Some seasoned drivers in Mission Viejo would like a refresher to enhance their driving skills. Teen driving schools and adult driving schools are the same; they cover the basics of driving laws, techniques, and safety.

Varsity Driving Schools cover all of those basics and then some. The goal is to train students to drive responsibly, following all driving laws. However, driving is not just about laws; it is about getting from one place to another as safely as possible. That is why Varsity Driving School offers the basics in an online course that students can complete independently.

Adults can take advantage of this service by completing lessons after work or on lunch breaks. Teens can utilize online learning to get lessons done after school work or extracurriculars.

Driving Lessons in Mission Viejo Training Vehicle Parked in a Parking Lot

Online Learning

There are a few steps students will need to complete if they are getting a driver’s license for the first time. One of those steps is to pass a written test. The written test at the DMV will ask basic driving law questions and present basic driving situations. Students will need to be able to answer these questions to prove they know driving laws and basic techniques.

Passing the test rewards students with a learner’s permit, allowing them to drive with someone over 25. Online learning covers everything students will need to know to pass this written test. Adults can also use this step as a simple refresher of driving laws they may have forgotten or how to approach specific driving scenarios.

Teens will move on to the next step after they have completed the course and passed the test. Adults looking for a refresher can use the next step to help get one-on-one with a certified trainer.

Behind the Wheel Training

The best driving lessons in Mission Viejo must also be able to provide students with one-on-one training sessions with a certified trainer. Varsity Driving School has a team of certified trainers ready to help put everything students have learned so far into action. However, Varsity Driving School is the best not because it covers the same as other schools during training.

Instead, Varsity Driving School uses this time to train students in defensive driving. Defensive driving is considered to be the safest driving technique around. Teens must complete 6 hours of training with a certified trainer, while adults getting a refresher have no requirements.

Varsity Driving School offers the base package, which includes those essential 6 hours for teens and adults. But both can opt to add more hours with a trainer if they don’t feel comfortable moving on to the next step. No matter how many hours you choose, each session will be 2 hours long and can be scheduled anytime during operating hours.

Driving Lessons in Mission Viejo Male Student Standing Next to a Training Vehicle

Free Pick-Up and Drop Off

Learning how to drive and refreshing driving skills can be a stressful journey for anyone. Varsity Driving School can’t make driving easier but can make the process easier. One way Varsity Driving School offers the best driving lessons in Mission Viejo is through different services. These services are designed to make the process much easier.

Training sessions are a requirement for teens, which means they will need to find a way to get to those lessons. Varsity Driving School offers a free pick-up and drop-off service for this very reason. Students can be picked up from home, school, or work by a certified trainer in a training vehicle. The training session will start immediately.

Afterward, the certified trainer will drop the student off at home. The goal is to make scheduling these sessions easier for teens and adults. Teens won’t have to rely on parents or guardians to attend these training sessions. Adults won’t need to hassle with public transport or driving services.

DMV Package

The DMV package is designed for teens and new drivers to make the entire process less stressful. Everyone has heard jokes about waiting at or on the phone with the DMV. Students who add the DMV package won’t need to worry about grabbing DMV paperwork or waiting on hold trying to schedule a DMV appointment.

Instead, Varsity Driving School will handle all of that for the student. In fact, students won’t even need to worry about having a vehicle for the driving test. A certified trainer will pick up the student in a training vehicle, take them to their test, and allow them to use the training vehicle for the driving test. That is how confident Varsity Driving School is in its services.